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Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby News......


Today Brittany had her OB appt, she is now 1 cm dialated. So we will be doing a lott of walking, evening primrose oil and red rasberry tea and hopefully little Nicholas will be here soon. We are excited!!! This will be our second grandson in 1 year. YIPPEE....I thought my kids we're fun....Isaac my grandson is hilarious, Im going to post his newest video soon.

We got a lott of schoolwork done this week, I started a new book with Noah who is dyslexic. The book is called, The Dyslexic first I did't like it but it makes a lott of sense after using it a few days and beats paying $400 for a reading program. Sometimes I think if we would just pray and trust the leading of the Holy Spirit we would save a lott of money and aggravation. I always pray before I buy curriculum and every time the Lord is so gracious in helping me to buy the right things for my children.

I have on my list this week to buy new Bibles for the children, I have been working on all of us taking our Bibles out while reading our lessons and this Michalea (autistic) has began reading her Bible before going to bed, I sit down by her while she reads to me...the Lord has really been speaking to me about this for sometime. Also we will be learning the books of the Bible, I copied some really neat little cards off the net that tells a little about each Book of the Bible.

I believe teaching your children the word while their young, even if they don't understand is important, God's word does not return void. Even though some of my older children aren't living for the Lord right now, they still remember God's word and stories and people I read about when they we're younger. Even though Ive been homeschooling 20 years the Lord is still teaching me new things about his word.

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The Glasers said...

How exciting . . . four days to go for Brittany's baby! I will pray for a smooth delivery and lots of joy!!!!