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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gone too long!!!

It seems like forever since Ive blogged here, I have been so busy the past month with a new little angel in the house. Little Nic has been getting a lott of TLC, and Mom is getting some R & R. We have had o many appointments since Little Nic's birth. Brittany has been suffering with extremely high blood pressure and has been in a lott of pain since her emergency c-section.

I have taken some time off from school so I can help her with the baby so it meant taking time off from blogging too!!! But I am back hopefully and I also joined "The Homeschool Lounge" ( link on my side bar) and started a new blog there and I'm making a lott of new homeschool friends.... YIPPEE!!!

It's been raining here since Sunday so we have started learning the book of the Bible.I really felt a need for it because we read out of the Bible every day and they also have to look up scriptures at church for their lessons. Tommorow we are planning to make some oatmeal squares and play some games due to the rain. I want to praise the Lord for the good report at the dr today, Brittany's blood test came back great, and he took her off the blood pressure meds due to her blacking out. We found out her blood pressure was extremely low. Thanks to all who have prayed for us.


bubbebobbie said...

Now that I have come for a visit and paid better attention to the 2 grandSONS part of your post I know you much better.Sight reading gets you into trouble every time! I am glad you all have taken time off from school because boy do you have your hands full.

Now you can come by mine.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Jacque said...

Thank you so much for the blessings and prayers! We are not up to par yet, but I am at least out of bed! We have been eating loads of honey, and smell like olives and garlic, but they work!

Great pictures!
Glad Brittany's blood tests came back good.
blessings~ See you at The Lounge!