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Monday, February 4, 2008

As a Mom.....Im thankful for

As a mom, things I am thankful for:

* Locks on bathroom doors.
* For my Dad who taught me what a man of integrity really is.
* My extended family, who love my children nearly as much as I do.
* Freedom to homeschool.
* Cell phones
* My own mother, who taught me the meaning of strength and perseverance in tough times.
* Breakfast cereal and peanut butter and jelly.
* Disposable diapers.
* My husband, who taught me what commitment and love really is!!!
* All of the times I stayed up with my children when they we're small when they we're sick or hurting so we could snuggle.
* All of the times my daughter's spent time cooking and baking with me
* Bicycle training wheels.
* Swim lessons.
* Rainy Saturdays and coloring books.
* God's beautiful creation for us to enjoy.
* Extra sets of house keys.
* Child seats on grocery carts.
* Small bits of time for myself.
* Caring and capable emergency room physicians.
* Children’s menus at restaurants.
* dentists.
* Rheoko, our family cat, who helped teach my children to be gentle, compassionate and responsible.
* Talented hair stylists with the expertise to cover up teenager-induced grays.
* Dr Dobson and Gary Smalley, for showing me that God intended families to stick together even when things get tough.
* God, for hand-picking our 7 kids just for us.
* Sofas, cozy blankets and old family videos.

As parents, what are you thankful for?

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