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Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Reading

The kids and I went to the library last week and we signed up for their summer reading program . Most libraries have this over the summer, so I put down 15 books for Zack and Micki and 10 for Noah to read over the summer and they will get a prize.
I was so surprised that Noah has started to love books and he has read about 3 or 4 the past few days. He is dyslexic so that is a great start for him....Im very proud of them, they are kinda bored due to we don't have a pool yet. Last summer my daughter's dog chewed a hole in ours, it was the size of a small watermelon so I'm hoping we will get our rebate check soon and we can go get a pool and finish up our homeschool shopping.

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Sisterlisa said...

How fun! We love the library!

Hey come on by Growing in Grace Magazine, we have new codes for our new graphics.

Be sure to let me know which books you are reading.