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Saturday, June 7, 2008

One of those days...

Yesterday I went to the garage and picked up our SUV and I almost got all the way home and I broke down right in the middle of the highway....thankfully my oldest dd was behind me or I would have had to walk home.
This is the 4th or 5th time we have had to have repairs done on our Suburban, I'm thinking maybe it's time to get rid of it and get a more dependable SUV!!!
It's so hot here, it was still 98 degrees at 8 pm tonight. Hubby is an ac technician and he has been really busy with all the hot weather. we bought the kids a slip n slide today until we can buy them a pool next month. None of our tax rebate chacks have come in yet?
I'm praying this is not a joke? Well I have to hit the sack, we have church tomorrow, we are visiting a new church about an hour away and praying it will be what we're looking for?

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