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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Does it shock me?

I go this in my email today, well Im not surprised!!! I am not prejudice but as a christian I cannot vote for someone whether their black or white when they are for abortion!!!

Mega Church pastor praises Obama nomination
Allie Martin - OneNewsNow - 6/5/2008

T.D. Jakes , Senator Barack Obama is receiving praise from a well-known mega church pastor. The pastor is praising Obama for clinching the Democratic presidential nomination.
In a commentary published on, Pastor T.D. Jakes, of the Dallas mega church Potter's House, said he got goose bumps as he watched Senator Obama's (D-Illinois) victory speech Tuesday night with his son.

Jakes went on to congratulate Obama on what he calls an historic accomplishment and a victory for democracy. However, Pastor Jakes did not mention Obama's support for abortion, or his support for record-breaking tax hikes.

Instead, Jakes lauded Obama's victory as not only a victory for African Americans, but also a victory for democracy – one that proves the country provides possibilities for all people. Pastor Jakes also congratulated Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York) for "proving that femininity is not a liability."

Jakes said in his commentary that it was his hope and prayer that the country does not sink back into political pettiness as the presidential campaign continues.

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