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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Been a busy week

I wish I could blog more, but I stay so busy. I am really aiming to start HSing next week. I still haven't been able to buy all my books due to some financial situations here. I put some curriculum up for sale on a few used boards but nothing as of yet. I know the Lord will provide, he always does!!!
My daughter is doing much better after her tonsillectomy, but she spent all night in the hospital last Wednesday. We've had such beautiful weather this week, Im hoping to go do something fun this weekend with kids. We are planning to go to Andersonville, GA in 2 weeks, my boys are "BIG" Civil War buffs!
Im planning to start a new blog, it will be a little of everything, especially the election. I have been so angry about the attacks on Govenor Palin I think we should pray for her and fer family and for Senator McCain.

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