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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is here


Spring is my favorite time of year, this week the birds have been out in herds. The children found a bird nest with 5 little blue eggs in it, so they came inside and used our Handbook of Nature Study and the net and found out they are Robin eggs. We wanted to get some pic's but the mamma bird wasn't too happy with us. We have enjoyed watching the trees turn green and a little bunny who lives nearby comes out the same time every night.

This weekend we're going on a farm and go egg hunting, the kids are really excited. This will be Isaac's first real Easter. Hubby will be on call this weekend so we will be having some family time without him this year. We usually cook out and play outside weather permitting.

I got my order in this week for my AbCeDarian books for Noah, Im trying to help him with his reading, having dyslexia makes it hard for him to do Phonics. I am also using another book , The Dyslexia Workbook. I really like that one as it makes him think and put words and sentences together.

We are also using First Language Lessons 3, for Grammar. And we are getting a lott of great results with that. The kids really like MUS, I like the concepts that they use with MUS. Today we studied about Augustus Caesar, he was Julius Caesar's adopted son, we found out that the month of August is named after Augustus Caesar and the month of July is named after Julius Caesar. Thought that was neat.....we absolutely love the story of the world books.

We are planning a day out tomorrow with the kids, and enjoying another beautiful day.

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