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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Homeschooling and Heartschooling

This week has been a busy one, and I feel as if Im getting further behind with all the appointments I have had to go to the past few months. But Im plugging along. I have been thinking the past weeks about " Heartschooling", hmmmm well in other words "character training" I think it begins with Mom and Dad, as I was sitting here the other morning and listening to my children bickering over something it made me do we sound to the Lord when we react to each other like this?

I truly believe we need to get back in God's word and begin to examine our lives under a microscope and change our character in the likeness of Jesus himself. As the saying goes WWJD? That is the way we should react, speak and handle things as parents and our children will see how we respond and they will begin to follow in our paths. I hate dissention, arguing, and chaos. God is our peace.

Children mimmick what they see, I have been guilty myself of not handling things the way they should be handled and the Lord has been speaking to me about character training. I read a wonderful article on Lifestyle Homeschooling that hit home. This week we are going to work on our family's "Character Training" and see where the Lord leads us.

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