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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleaning Today

Im cleaning house today, we are having company over on Saturday, I don't want to clean tomorrow as I have a chiropratic appt in the morning. Im trying to plan out my curriculum for all 4 kids for August. As soon as our money comes Im going to be buying all their books, getting a nice pool for the back yard and we're in the process of building our front, back porches.
My daughter "T" and I are planting a flower garden and putting up a bird bath around our bird feeders. As soon as we are finished I will be posting some pic's. It looks like rain again today as it has rained all week. We will be putting out some more grass seed for summer, we already planted rye seed for winter time.


The Glasers said...

Rye grass is great. Our lawn looked awesome until David scraped it with the riding mower . . . Lesson learned, we hope.

We LOVE our bird bath and Steve bought me a new tube feeder and a birdbox for Mother's Day!!!!!

Pamela J said...

Hi Robyn. Where do you get these neat pictures to go with your articles? How have you been? Guess what? I'm in the H.O.W.Community now. I'm so excited to be there:)