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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was reading about Carschooling this weekend and wanted to share some information and sites. On the go homeeschoolers can convert their cars or mini vans into a mobile classroom to make the most out of their homeschool mile. You can find teaching moments by just being aware of what is in your environment...while traveling in your car.
Carschooling goes way beyond the familiar car bingo when it comes to activities, like memorizing multiplication tables to exploring flattened fauna.....

Language Arts:
Here are a few ideas to improve reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills while traveling in the car....
Billboard ABCs- pick a letter of the alphabet and ask your young carschoolers to look for that letter or words that start with the letter on billboards. Or make the sound of a letter of the alphabet and ask them to find pictures of things with names that begin with that sound.
Drive-By Dictionary Defintions- search for new vocabualry words on billboards that carschoolers don't know. Say the word out loud and use it in a sentence or guess the meaning of the word.
Story telling- it develops listening skills.

Choose a catagory such as things that are yellow or round and see how many you can count out the window.

Look up latin names in the English-Latin dictionary and discover how to prounounce it correctly. By the way if you have a laptop with internet access you can find a online field guid at
Your tax dollars supply exceptional roadside history textbooks called "History markers". Don't pass them by. Stop and read them and learn.
Road Trip Picture Time Line:
You will need a Polaroid camera; a notebook; glue or scotch tape and a pen. Tell your carschoolers that they are going to make a pictorial history line of your road trip. There is much , much more you can read about Carschooling at and they also have a lott of printables and information there.

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